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Tactical Armor & Equipment was founded by Matt Sonner after returning from Iraq in 2004. Soldiers and Marines were equipped with excellent torso and head protection but where suffering needless wounds to the lower torso and arms and legs. TACARM's Mission is to provide unique body armor that will help more Americans survive Combat.

Ballistic Combat SystemTM

The Ballistic Combat SystemTM gives military and law enforcement personnel a decisive advantage against their opponents. It is worn with a ballistic vest and helmet and consists of the Ballistic Combat UniformTM, Ballistic Knee GuardTM, Ballistic Elbow GuardTM, and Ballistic Combat GloveTM

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Ballistic Protective Gear

  • Ballistic Knee Guard TM Level 3A PDF
  • Ballistic Knee Guard TM Fragmentation Resistant/ Level 2A PDF
  • Ballistic Elbow Guard TM Level 3A PDF
  • Ballistic Elbow Guard TM Fragmentation Resistant/ Level 2A PDF
  • Ballistic Combat Uniform TM PDF
Ballistic Hip Guard TM
Ballistic Kidney Guard TM
Ballistic Shin Guard TM
  • Ballistic Combat Glove TM Level 2 PDF
  • Army Combat Uniform Ballistic Inserts TM PDF
Upper Arm Pocket Inserts
Leg Cargo Pocket Inserts
Outer Lower Leg Pocket Inserts

Non-Ballistic Protective Gear

  • Tactical Knee Guard TM PDF
  • Tactical Elbow Guard TM PDF
  • Tactical Combat Glove TM PDF

Ballistic Testing:

All TACARM products have been tested using either US National Institute of Justice or Military Standard 662F requirements for body armor. Government agencies will be provided these upon request.

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