TACARM Ballistic Knee Guard TM Level 3A Modular Sold as a Pair TBKG_81

$156.52 each
Tacarm Ballistic Knee Guard Colors



Product Sold as a PAIR

The Level 3A 9MM Ballistic Knee Guard™ allows the wearer to customize ballistic protection based on the mission. Provides penetration resistance from pistol rounds, shotgun pellets and high velocity fragments and projectiles produced by IEDs, hand and rocket-propelled grenades, mortar and artillery rounds. Each Ballistic Knee Guard™ comes with two removable ballistic inserts and one foam pad. Lightweight, comfortable and flexible. Worn in combat since 2008. Invented by a veteran of the US Ranger Regiment and Special Forces. For sales to military and law enforcement units outside the United State, please contacts us with your requirements. Patented

Model: BKGIIIABK (Black), BKGIIIACT (Coyote Tan), BKGIIIAOD (Olive Drab)

  • Two ballistic inserts stop a Level 3A 9mm pistol bullet moving at 1,446 Feet Per Second/ 441 Meters Per Second.
  • One ballistic insert stops a Level 2A 9mm pistol bullet moving at 1,066 Feet Per Second/ 325 Meters Per Second.
  • United States National Institute of Justice standard 0108.01.  
  • One insert also provides Military Standard 662F V50 penetration resistance to .17 caliber fragments
  • National Tactical Officers Association Member Tested and Recommended.
  • Invented by a veteran of the US Army Ranger Regiment and Special Forces.
  • Unique fastening system keeps pads in place
  • The wearer can customize the pad by either removing the ballistic inserts or foam pad based on the mission. 
  • Each Ballistic Knee Guard™ using both ballistic inserts (Level 3A 9MM) weighs only 11 ounces/.35 Kilograms.
  • Each Ballistic Knee Guard™ using one ballistic insert (Level 2A 9MM) weighs only 8.5 ounces /.25 Kilograms.
  • Ballistic insert Made In USA. Final product Assembled in USA.  
  • If the carrier wears out, purchase the less expensive non-ballistic Tactical Knee Guard™. Simply take your original ballistic inserts and place them inside your new carriers.
  • If you are going to need multiple camouflage options, purchase the Tactical Knee Guard™ in other colors needed along with your original set of Ballistic Knee Guards™.
  • Patented. TACARM is the only company in the world to provide these products.
  • Berry Amendment available for US Department of Defense orders. Please contact us for a quote.
  • A component of the Ballistic Combat System™.

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